[OS X TeX] XeTeX... infos before I switch ?

Gilles Serasset Gilles.Serasset at imag.fr
Wed Jul 28 11:09:13 CEST 2004

Hi Bruno, Hi all,

I'm hearing a lot about XeTeX on the list these days and trying it is 
rather high on my to do list.

On 28 juil. 04, at 08:36, Bruno Voisin wrote:
> For the more recent fonts specific to OS X, including Hoefler Text, 
> Optima or Trebuchet MS, I am now using XeTeX for which no font 
> "pre-processing" is necessary. Thus I must say I don't feel the 
> motivation anymore for trying to make them work with standard TeX. 
> XeTeX has its own set of problems, due to its pre-release state (for 
> example it doesn't work well with traditional (La)TeX input such as 
> \'e, \c c, -- or \S and expects everything to be Unicode instead in 
> the input file, namely é ç – and § here), but the situation is rapidly 
> improving (there is even a fix for the above shortcoming, thanks to 
> Ross Moore). Moreover, by not requiring any font conversion, XeTeX 
> avoids any licensing issue potentially associated with the conversion.

Does this means that it will not work with Bibdesk managed 
bibliographies (as bibdesk uses the TeX encoding for accents) ?

If yes, is there a way to manage a bibliography file, say, in unicode, 
and then use it in a latin1 encoded document ?

May I use XeTeX to typeset documents that are "LaTeX only" (i.e. that I 
co-author with PC users) ?

Thanks in advance,


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