[OS X TeX] Lyris List Manager?

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Wed Jul 28 10:20:16 CEST 2004

Hi Ross,

Le 28 juil. 04, à 09:45, Ross Moore a écrit :

> Hi Bruno,
> On 28/07/2004, at 5:03 PM, Bruno Voisin wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> Is it just me, or have other posters to this list received in the 
>> last few days, shortly after posting, a message from a "Lyris 
>> ListManager", with subject "re: your email message" and content:
>> The following lines in your email message did not appear to be
>> Lyris ListManager commands and were skipped:
>>> [...]
>> This email message is simply a notification of how Lyris ListManager 
>> understood
>> your email message.  If you want to resend your commands, send
>> them to lyris at groups.ittoolbox.com
> I get messages like this frequently, from various email lists
> of which I am *not* a member.

In this case it doesn't seem random, as, starting a few days ago, I am 
now receiving one such message, always from Lyris ListManager, as soon 
as I post to the OS X TeX list. Gary Gray, whom I contacted, told there 
is a Lyris ListManager subscribed to the list, though the subscription 
feels a bit suspicious given this ListManager is apparently sending 
automatic responses.

Your answer tends to indicate this affects only me, not other posters 
to this list, right?

But yes, I am also receiving many messages, especially from 
virus-scanners, caused by viruses who spoofed my address as the virus 
sender. Or requests for confirmation of subscription to lists, to which 
I never willingly asked to subscribe.

> BTW, yesterday I got a large increase in spam/junk getting through the
> filters. This included several messages of a type that I'd not seen
> previously. More of these came today.
> Has anyone else noticed a significant increase in junk emails ?

I did not notice any special increase yesterday, apart from the gradual 
increase from practically no spam two years ago to the present 30-50 
spams per day (actually at my work address the ratio of spam/legitimate 
is now practically 10 or 15). Could what you see be caused by the 
MyDoom.M virus which was reported to have hit the net badly yesterday 
or the day before? Our administrator here has taken the drastic measure 
of temporarily rejecting any email message with a .zip attachment, so I 
do not see any difference.

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