[OS X TeX] Strange cursor behavior

Jerry Marsden marsden at cds.caltech.edu
Sat Jul 24 08:00:40 CEST 2004

Saturday, July 24, 2004


I have noticed the same thing with the cursor and only in TeXShop,
not in other applications, so my guess is that it is TeXShop.
It is also possible that it is associated with a subtle
incompatibility with OSX system 10.3.4---I don't believe that
I had this problem a half a year ago when I was on 10.2.8.

It is not the only problem with TeXShop. For example, pdftex
is not compatible with AMS commutative diagrams and pdfsync
is pretty rough--useable, but just barely. Many others have
commented on this too.

I agree that all this it is annoying---I just assumed it would
be fixed in the next release and so was just living with it.

I am really hoping that pdfsync can be improved, although I
understand that it is a difficult task.

For example, when I am doing, an index for a book and need
precise text locations to do that in an even reasonable way,
TeXtures (in Classic mode) remains what I use---it is nice and

Personally, I will continue use both TeXShop and TeXtures for the
moment---each is good for its own purposes; for small uncomplicated
articles, TeXShop is still great, but for, eg, books, TeXtures
is superior, despite having to invoke Classic. I was hoping to shed
classic long ago, but the reality is that has not been possible.

Best Regards, Jerry Marsden


At 8:55 PM -0700 7-23-04, Ronald Bruck wrote:
>I have a new 17" Powerbook, and I have started having troubles with 
>TeXShop.  I wonder whether anyone else has seen this.
>When I'm typing near the insertion point, it's as if everything is 
>going into the bit bucket--nothing appears on-screen.  Then when I 
>move the cursor just a tiny bit, all that I typed suddenly appears 
>onscreen.  As you can imagine, one is FREQUENTLY typing near the 
>insertion point!  So this is incredibly frustrating.
>I don't think I see it in other apps, like Mail or BBEdit.
>Any idea what the problem could be?  Is it a TeXShop issue, or a 
>Powerbook issue, or what?
>It's not just when using the trackpad, incidentally.  It also works 
>when I'm working using a Bluetooth keyboard and Bluetooth mouse.
>Bluetooth is wonderful, BTW.  I have a new Sony Ericsson T610 
>cellphone, and syncing my Powerbook's address book and calendar 
>worked first time, right out of the box.
>--Ron Bruck
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