[OS X TeX] typesetting special characters, once more

Robert Voogdgeert rvoogdgeert at kabelfoon.nl
Thu Jul 22 21:18:16 CEST 2004

Dear TeX-users,

I need to copy-paste from a database (Accordance) with classical Hebrew 
texts to a LaTeX document. The encoding of the texts in the database is 
MacRoman according to the software developer (Oaksoft). Most of the 
characters are rendered well after compiling with the use of \catcode, 
e.g. \catcode`\_=\active\def_{\char'137 }.
The character ø (also used for one of the Hebrew vowel signs) didn't 
result in any errors but was not typeset, or at least absent in the pdf 
output. But with the use of \catcode`\x=\active\defx{\char'034 } (x=o 
with stroke), it is typeset.

Some of the characters though I can't activate, probably because they 
not part of ASCII (?). They are (with unicode, and utf8 numbers 
A with ring above = 00C5; utf8 C3 85
I with circumflex = 00CD; utf8 C3 8D
U with acute = 00CD; utf8 C3 9A
Yen = 00A5; utf8 C2 A5
partial differential = 2202; utf8 E2 88 82
square root = 221A; utf8 E2 88 9A
per mille = 2030; utf8 E2 80 B0
circumflex = 02C6; utf8 CB 86
ellipsis = 2026; utf8 E2 80 A6
acute = 00B4; utf8 C2 B4
copyright = 00A9; utf8 C2 A9
registered = 00AE; utf8 C2 AE
lozenge = 25CA; utf8  E2 97 8A

Can anybody tell how to get LaTeX to interpret these characters in such 
a way that they are typeset like `normal' characters.


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