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Gary L.Gray gray at engr.psu.edu
Fri Jul 16 04:07:23 CEST 2004

Gosh, I go away for a few days and the list gets busy. :-)

On Jul 15, 2004, at 8:16 PM, Joseph C. Slater wrote:

>> One last point: in the list archives, mailto links
>> are understandably suppressed, but why is the link
>> to the mac-tex page?
> You have to ask Gary. I would email him directly. He, not I, runs the 
> mailing list. (People often confuse our roles. In summary: He used to 
> run mac-tex as founding father... he dropped the ball for a while but 
> started the mailing list. I picked up support of the web site and 
> completely revamped to the ugly site it is now... it became easier to 
> maintain, I don't think Gary touches it anymore. That's best since I 
> edit locally and it prevents me overwriting his edits).

I wrap the entire digest "pre" tags to try and preserve formatting. One 
result of this is that anything in angle brackets does not appear in 
what you *see* when you click on an archive. View the source and it is 
all there. I haven't found a better way to do this, but I am open to 

>> Why not change the footer once in a while and avoid
>> people "become numb to repetitive presentations" as
>> you say?
> That's Gary's call, as he runs the web site. It wouldn't be a bad idea 
> to randomly pop a message at the top every once in a while. It would 
> irritate some of us, but maybe save some other posts.

Changing the footer isn't a bad idea, but it requires human (me) 
intervention. A single, informative footer is easiest.

I can, instead, use a header, or both. I suspect a header for each 
message would become rather unpopular in a hurry. :-)

>> Or why not just add the word "FAQ" as suggested in
>> the first place, if that's a word people look for?
> Because people less net-literate have no idea what that stands for.

I will work up something new for the footer. I will also not enclose 
the URL for the web site in angle brackets so that it appears in the 

All the best,

-- Gary

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