[OS X TeX] Two macros for TeXShop & iTeXMac

Alain Schremmer Schremmer.Alain at verizon.net
Fri Jul 16 00:58:36 CEST 2004

I have now used the FixTabul macro (as opposed to FloatTabul) and there 
are a few things that I would have liked.
(I know absolutely nothing about macros and so forgive me if I am 
beside the point.)

(1) A leaner first dialog box so as to see immediately what to do as I 
kept having to read the whole text to make sure which box I was dealing 

Put FixTabul (i.e. the name picked for the macro) in the grey area at 
the top of the dialog box

First line (eliminate)
Enter the number of columns
The enter box with 3 in it.
Click the type of tabular you want:
Plain		Booktabs		Cancel

(2) In my case, the entries were long and complicated. So, I would have 
liked to have the choice between what you gave as default and  a 
"vertical mode", i.e. something like the following:

	\begin{tabular}{@{} ccc @{}}	
		%begin first row after heading (or just a blank line)
		%begin second row after heading (or just a blank line)

(3) In fact, my tables were not centered so maybe a dialog box could 
give the choice between centered as default and left justified or 
whatever. (I needed a vspace both before and after the table.)

But, even as is, all I had to do was to start by entering a number of 
returns on the output of your macro to get (2) above. I had a dozen or 
so tables to redo and what I did was to use FixTabul just next to my 
table and transfer the entries and then modify them. Otherwise, I 
always missed something.

So, thanks a lot for saving me a lot to time and keep up the good work.

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