[OS X TeX] Intertext like command

Alain Schremmer Schremmer.Alain at verizon.net
Wed Jul 14 02:57:17 CEST 2004

More tribulations of a T(eX)I(nstall)C(hallenged).

(1) I looked in" /Library/teTeX/share/texmf.tetex/doc/latex/mdwtools/" 
. Amazing how much stuff there is that far down. It's like in a SciFi 
story. (And I, a neophyte, was expected to go and look?)

(2) I found the .dvi files. I copied them to the desktop. Since I 
didn't understand what "dropping the copies onto TeXShop for conversion 
to .pdf" meant and after a couple of hapless manoeuvers, just to see 
what would happen, I double-clicked on the first one. And, why not, I 
clicked on Typeset in this blank, white page that was sitting there and 
of course nothing happened. But while I was considering my options, 
there popped up the pdf. More and more amazing!

(3) Now, I didn't know I already had these mdwtools. (How would I? In 
fact, before I went for the dvi files, I had checked i-Installer but 
couldn't see that "Gerben adds them to his distribution".)

Indeed, yesterday, I had downloaded the mdwTools from CTAN (but I had 
only been able to get one .pdf. I forget why.)  But I had created the 
.sty files and put them in My/Library/texmf/tex/latex.

And here is my question. How come I already had the mdwTools but the 
.sty files were not already in My/Library/texmf/tex/latex before I put 
them in?

Does this mean that I have other stuff that I am not aware of and that 
I have to do something to somehow "activate" them? Where can I find 
this type of instruction?


On Jul 13, 2004, at 10:01 AM, Herb Schulz wrote:

> On 7/12/04 9:15 PM, "Alain Schremmer" <Schremmer.Alain at verizon.net> 
> wrote:
>> I used Michel Bovani's solution which I found very neat.
>> Since I am ever curiou, I looked up mdwlist on TCOBrowser but it 
>> didn't
>> come up.
>> Regards
>> --schremmer
> Howdy,
> Apparently the mdw tools are not part of TeX-Live since they are GNU
> licensed rather than TeX licensed. Gerben adds them to his 
> distribution just
> like he also adds the Utopia .pfb files.
> Look in /Library/teTeX/share/texmf.tetex/doc/latex/mdwtools/ for the 
> .dvi
> files for the documentation. Remember to copy them to your desktop 
> before
> dropping the copies onto TeXShop for conversion to .pdf.
> Good Luck,
> Herb Schulz
> (herbs at wideopenwest.com)
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