[OS X TeX] Recompiling BibTeX

Simon Spiegel simon at simifilm.ch
Mon Jul 12 16:11:32 CEST 2004

> Sure, I'm listening.  I think you're better off trying to recompile 
> BibTeX, unless Mike McCracken has some great idea for making this work 
> with BibDesk :).  If this required a separate file for each annotation, 
> that could get really messy in a hurry.

I realise that this is non-trivial. I was thinking along the lines of the 
current autofile feature, maybe the ability to edit added text files could be 
added (I do realise, that this has no priority at the moment).
> I think James Howison recompiled BibTeX with a larger buffer size, so 
> you might try posting to the bibdesk-users list.

I'll try to contact him.

> Are you using the 
> annotations in your document?  I've never seen this error personally, 
> so I'm curious as to how it fails.

I use the annotation fields for my notes. Sometimes I enter long passages from 
the source, which I later add in the .tex file. When I run bibtex and an entry 
with a long annotation is used, bibtex skips it, and the bibliorgraphy is empty. 
I found a workaround for this: BibDesk sorts the fields in alphabetical order 
but bibtex handles them in order of appearance. If all the information needed 
for the bibliography comes before the annotation field, the bibliography entry 
is complete. So what I can do is changing all the relevant entries, moving the 
annotation field at the end of the entry. The problem here is that as soon as I 
open and save this in BibDesk all is lost again. Maybe BibDesk can be told not 
to move the order of the fields, this would already solve my problem.


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