[OS X TeX] Mathematical Pi Fonts

Ronald Bruck bruck at math.usc.edu
Mon Jul 12 06:57:18 CEST 2004

I've followed the suggestions for how to get the Lucida Bright math 
fonts, MathTimes and MathTimes Plus, and they're now installed and 
working on my G5 (OS X 10.3.4).  I also tried installing the Times 
SC+OsF fonts, but they're not being used.

Now I want to try my Adobe Mathematical Pi fonts.  I bought the Apple 
versions a couple of years ago, and I can add them to my Mac's regular 
programs with no problem.  (Just double-click and install.)  Now I'd 
like to extract the PFB files using something like the LCDF tools.

But they don't recognize the files.  (Something about no POST 
resource.)  When I look at the creator/type codes, the seven supplied 
files look like this:

Name                 Creator             Type
Mathematical Pi      DMOV                FFIL
MathePiFiv           ASPF                LWFN
MathePiFou           ASPF                LWFN
MathePiOne           ASPF                LWFN
MathePiSix           ASPF                LWFN
MathePiThr           ASPF                LWFN
MathePiTwo           ASPF                LWFN

Now as I understand it, an FFIL is associated with OpenType, and the 
LWFN are "printer"
fonts.  When I do a hex dump of the files, they have only resource 
forks (no data forks).
The first, Mathematical Pi, is pure binary; the others start off with 
PostScript code (followed by binary), but not even the text is readable 
since it's in the resource fork.

Does anybody have any idea how I can extract .pfb files from these?  
Adobe now sells the Mathematical Pi font for $29, but it's now 
OpenType, and while I'm tempted to just shell out the bucks (and buy 
the Windows version, which might be easier to convert), I'm stubborn 
about these things:  if I paid (and a lot more than $29, at the time!) 

Similarly, I'm not going to pay $99 for the Times fonts.  I have them 
coming out the kazoo on my old Type Basics and Type On Call CD's, if I 
can just find them...

--Ron Bruck

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