[OS X TeX] Fixme question and favorite packages

Matthias Damm osxtex at macpla.net
Sat Jul 3 02:24:16 CEST 2004

Am 20.06.2004 um 20:34 schrieb Lisa Schweitzer:

> I have been playing with TCOBrowser (many thanks!) to snoop around on  
> ctan for new, fun packages to play with.  I found a package called  
> "fixme" which I could really use; unfortunately, I can't figure out  
> what commands you actually use to call up a margin note using this  
> package. I've been looking around for documentation. Any ideas?

The package documentation? :-)
filename=macros/latex/contrib/fixme/>, just use latex on the fixme.dtx  

> Also, it occurs to me that it might be rather interesting to do an  
> informal poll about what packages people personally find the most  
> useful, given their  most frequent use of LaTex. For example, I do  
> academic writing in the social sciences, and I do a lot of manuscripts  
> (most recently my dissertation) with a lot of maps imported from a  
> geographic information system. The packages I have found to be  
> indispensable are:

Just some packages which have not been mentioned before:

For me, jurabib is absolutely priceless -- it provides all the  
functionality I need for my bibliographies.
The KOMA-Skript classes are great especially if you are using A4 paper,  
but also because it contains many improvements to the standard classes.
hyperref with the backlinks option is a extremely useful tool to keep  
track of all citations in a long text. Together with fixme it is my  
most important tool in the "development phase".

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