[OS X TeX] OT: Illustrator 10 (printing eps files)

get86 at mac.com get86 at mac.com
Thu May 23 09:43:54 CEST 2002

Our test with a file with eps included will print on an inkjet but not from
our Sun nor from our Macs to a HP laser printer.

The file includes images using 'epsfbox' (or something like that) and he has
a similar macro also in the tex file.
We could find no referential information on "epsfbox".

At any rate, we converted all the eps files and modified the macro to use
the 'include graphics' method; we globally changed the related data and of
course it prints.

However, that is obviously not the root of the problem, which we suspect
mainly to be bad code.

Comment is welcome, if you feel there is something to comment on in there
somewhere. I would like to know where epsfbox (?) "came from".


on 5/23/02 3:27 AM, Michael Betsch, typed:
> (an eps file created with Illustrator 10 will not print).
>> after fairly extensive testing -i don't believe this a mac issue, as our
>> file won't print the Sun either.
> If an eps file doesn't contain the "showpage" command, it won't print on
> any printer. It is this command that tells the printer to actually put the
> image on a sheet of paper. Without, the printer will process, but not
> print the image. eps is a format designed for inclusion in other files, so
> eps files do not need to contain a showpage command. (Some do, others
> don't). So just try to include it into some other file; if your image is
> properly printed, the eps should be considered O.K. If it can be converted
> to pdf, that would also suggest that the eps file is good.
> Michael Betsch

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