[OS X TeX] New (more complete) TeX Programs release

Gerben Wierda sherlock at rna.nl
Sat May 4 23:23:20 CEST 2002

The TeX Programs i-Installer package has been updated. This release 
contains binaries from the TeX Live source tree from April 25, 2002. One 
major addition is the addition of the 'extras', which mean that the 
following programs are now available in this distribution in addition to 
the original programs:

ttf2pk ttf2tfm psbook psselect pstops epsffit psnup psresize fixfmps 
fixmacps fixpsditps fixpspps fixtpps fixwfwps fixwpps fixscribeps 
fixwwps fixdlsrps extractres includeres psmerge getafm showchar sjisconv 
cefsconv cef5conv cefconv bg5conv extconv hbf2gf bg5latex cef5latex 
ceflatex cefslatex sjislatex gbklatex bg5+latex

This release is release candidate for the upcoming TeX Live 7 CD, so I 
would be pleased if people would download and start using it. There are 
now only days before the official TeX Live CD will be finished.

Open your existing *dedicated* TeX i-Installer program and run an update 
on TeX Programs to get this latest version.

If you want a complete new dedicated i-Installer or the also updated 
old-style monolithic installer (currently uploading, available 2 hours 
after this announcement has been sent), download them through the links 
on http://www.rna.nl/tex.html


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