[OS X TeX] Simple Illustration Program

Tore Haug-Warberg haugwarb at chembio.ntnu.no
Thu May 23 08:44:26 CEST 2002

At 09:27 AM 5/22/02 -0400, Arun Mangalam wrote:

>If I were you, I would simply install fink, and let it do it for you, 
>especially if you want Octave [a nice MatLab-like package] to work 
>automagically with gnuplot.

This is non-TeX, I know it, but is Octave stable? Some years ago I 
installed Octave 4.1(?) only to find out that some of the numerical 
routines gave quite different results from Matlab. I also remember that the 
Octave project tried to keep up with Matlab (interchangability of m-files 
was one central issue). Has anyone experience with Octave's numerical 
capabilities as compared to Matlab?


Norwegian U. of  Science and Technology

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