[OS X TeX] dvips doesn't work

Tomas Jonsson tomas.jonsson at hum.gu.se
Tue May 14 09:54:22 CEST 2002

>On Tue, 14 May 2002 at 07:40, Gérard Degrez wrote:
>   Since my first installation of tetex (on a PowerBook G3
>   WallStreet), dvips has never worked. I reinstalled the whole
>   system recently, with the most recent distribution of the tetex
>   binaries and it's still the same: when I run dvips, I get a
>   segmentation fault (without any other information on the
>   console). It's no big deal for me, as I almost never use dvips
>   any more, but I was wondering whether anyone else has experienced
>   the same thing.
>It seems that one of your map/config files in the $TEXMF/dvips/
>config directory has an unwanted character or line. I had a similar
>problem with my dvips, the reason I found was an 'o' character in a
>line in itself in a config file. When this line was removed, the
>segfault disappeared. In my case it was easy to locate since I
>encountered segfault only when I do "dvips -Ppdf foo.dvi".
>config.pdf was the problem file.
I had a similar problem with a segmentation fault. In my case - If I remeber correcty - I think it was caused by a duplicate map file I had installed in my home directory.
Tomas Jonsson

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