[OS X TeX] 7 new i-Packages

Gerben Wierda sherlock at rna.nl
Wed May 15 20:40:48 CEST 2002

I have lately been working on a first release of some additional 
i-packages for TeX. I have one now (latex2rtf) and one which is needed 
to support it (ImageMagick). The rest are by-products of the build I had 
to make of ImageMagick (libtiff, jpeg, etc). I am announcing all of 
these here, on this list so we can get a small real world test of these 

Note: please update i-Installer itself before proceeding.

Here is the list. Enter these URL's in the "Open URL..." panel of 

http://www.ntg.nl/macosx-tex/i-packages/bzip2.ii (BZIP2 compression 
library and tools)
http://www.ntg.nl/macosx-tex/i-packages/libpng.ii (PNG graphics library)
http://www.ntg.nl/macosx-tex/i-packages/libtiff.ii (TIFF graphics 
library and tools)
http://www.ntg.nl/macosx-tex/i-packages/jpeg.ii (JPEG graphics library 
and tools)
http://www.ntg.nl/macosx-tex/i-packages/freetype2.ii (Freetype 2 
graphics library and tools)
http://www.ntg.nl/macosx-tex/i-packages/netpbm.ii (Netpbm graphics 
library and tools)
http://www.ntg.nl/macosx-tex/i-packages/ImageMagick.ii (ImageMagick 
graphics library and tools)
http://www.ntg.nl/macosx-tex/i-packages/latex2rtf.ii (LaTeX to RTF 
converter, needs ImageMagick)

NB: These packages do not demand authorisation, but they do check if you 
have actual write access in the (standard) locations (e.g. 
/usr/local/bin). If you do not have that access as ordinary user, you 
need to run i-installer as root.


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