[OS X TeX] Creating i-Packages for latex2html, latex2rtf etc.

Gerben Wierda sherlock at rna.nl
Sun May 12 17:03:06 CEST 2002

I have been investigating creating i-Packages for the installation of 
several extras, amongst others latex2html and latex2rtf. I started with 
latex2html, ten found out it needed the netpbm library if it were to be 
able to handle figures. netpbm is really old (1994 or so) and takes 
quite some tuning to get it compiled. While investigating that, I got 
stuk because some sort of rgb.txt file:

/* CONFIGURE: If you have an X11-style rgb color names file, define its
** path here.  This is used by PPM to parse color names into rgb values.
** If you don't have such a file, comment this out and use the 
** hex and decimal forms to specify colors (see ppm/pgmtoppm.1 for 
#ifndef RGB_DB
#define RGB_DB "/usr/lib/X11/rgb"
/*#define RGB_DB "/usr/openwin/lib/rgb.txt"*/
#ifdef VMS
#define RGB_DB "PBMplus_Dir:RGB.TXT"

Given that I do not have X11 and also do not have openwin (talk about 
dead...), I would like to be contacted by someone who has actually done 
installing this stuff so that I can quickly create a binary installation 
for the rest. latex2rtf also seems to rely on X11, so this might again 
be a package I will not be able to make an i-Package for. Maybe I can do 
this together with someone who does run X11 as well.


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