[OS X TeX] Simple Illustration Program

Alessandro Languasco languasc at math.unipd.it
Wed May 22 14:39:28 CEST 2002

Dear Serge,

thanks a lot for the infos about aquaterm. I would like to try it
in connection with gnuplot but I don't know where (and which version)
I have to download and compile.

Please, can you (or anybody else) give me more hints about that ?

Thanks in advance.

On Mercoledì, maggio 22, 2002, at 12:58 , Serge Cohen wrote:

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> Hi;
> If you're looking for something like gnuplot, then you can use it.
> Their is a new terminal (called aqua), which make it easys to use 
> gnuplot from the command line. Graphics will be displayed by an other 
> application (aqua term), which is abble to save them in pdf and eps...
> For that you need to get Aqua term (http://), then the source of 
> gnuplot (http://) , modify those so gnuplot be aware of aqua term and 
> finally compile gnuplot.
> You'll find all necessary info at : http://aquaterm.sourceforge.net/ 
> the home page od the aqua term program (open source software).
> I already used it for preparation of plots in an article, it's just 
> great.
> Serge.

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