[OS X TeX] Chapter number suppressed, and skipped?

Marcelo LaFleur mlafleur at earthlink.net
Thu May 2 00:21:26 CEST 2002

It seems that normal behavior for LaTeX is that the command \chapter*{} not
only supresses the chapter number, but also does not change the counter.
Is there a way to have it increment the counter so equations and figures
become automatically adjusted, even if they are under a "*" chapter?

For example:


\section{Appendix 1}
\caption{Reaction Functions}

Here the caption "Figure x.x" is numbered based on the last \chapter{}
command, ignoring all the \chapter*{} commands, so the figure number is not

I know that I can manually reset the counter, but I would rather have this
done automatically as my document grows, so I only have to change the style
of the numbering.

Anyway to do this?

Marcelo T. LaFleur
Fordham University

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