[OS X TeX] font appearance

Thomas Schröder thomas at t-schroeder.de
Sat Jun 22 13:53:16 CEST 2002


>>  From YandY, I presume that one just orders as if OS9, which from them 
>> means getting the CD.
> No---get the windows font by download. The pfb's install more 
> straightforwardly with Gerben's tetex because the config.map files are 
> already present

Well, that's what I thought, when I ordered the Lucida fonts from Y&Y 
this spring. And it is true, the installation for teTeX is very easy, 
but it was a major pain to make the fonts then work with apps different 
>from TeX because neither OS 9 nor OS X can use fonts in pure .pfb 
format. So, if say, you want to use the Lucida fonts for labeling 
diagrams, then it might be a better idea to go for the Mac version, 
because it is easier to convert the fonts from Mac to .pfb than from 
.pfb to Mac.

Just my 2¢...

      Ciao, Thomas

Thomas Schröder +++ thomas at t-schroeder.de

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