(Mail working again) The lucida problem

Gerben Wierda Sherlock at rna.nl
Sun Jul 7 16:09:12 CEST 2002

That is Murphy for you, you go away for a weekend and on return discover 
that you rlocal mail system has broken down. Luckily I run a spam-filter 
that in cases like this *) saves the incoming mail in a special mail box 
even if it bounces. Which means that I am now up and running again and 
also have noticed these e-mails.

As you might have noticed, the updmap system has been upgraded by 
teTeX's Thomas Esser and it seems that there may be problems with Lucida 

So, if this is the case, please contact me directly and we'll sort it 
out. If there is a problem with updmap, I can get that passed on to 

Note: today (sunday) is a good day. Tomorrow I'll be not available much.


*) For the unix geeks amongst us: suddenly getpwnam() in a perl script 
stopped working.

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