[OS X TeX] Which distribution?

Claus Atzenbeck claus.atzenbeck at freenet.de
Tue Jul 2 16:06:11 CEST 2002


I will get a PowerBook within the next few days and I need to get a 
good TeX distribution for it (MacOS X).

I have found several of them on the WWW, but I don't know which one I
should choose. I want to be kind of up-to-date with the TeX packages.

As far as I know are teTeX distributions (like iMacTeX or TeXShop 
which are based on it) not up-to-date. (Please correct me if I am 

The next TeX-Live will also support MacOS X, what I have been told. 
But when will it came out?

I don't think that TeX-Live has a GUI. Could it be done easily to 
install iMacTeX (or other) first and replace the packages later with 
those of TeX-Live?

I would like to have
- a powerful TeX distribution,
- which runs nativly on MacOS X
- and has a nice GUI.
- It should be free,
- still supported and 
- has it's packages up-to-date.
- It also should use the standard TeX tree (TeX-Directory-Standard, TDS)
  like TeX-Live does.

Thanks a lot for any suggestion.


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