[OS X TeX] Footnote from Table

Thomas Braun thomas.braun at unibas.ch
Sat Jul 6 09:54:35 CEST 2002

You have to put the table in a minipage environment:
As example:
\caption{Tested detergents in crystallization pre-screen. }
\begin{tabular}{  l c c c c c}
Detergent &MW\footnote{MW: Molecular weight} $/g/mol$ & 
CMC\footnote{CMC: critical micelle concentration} /\% & 
$n_{A}$\footnote{$n_{A}$: Aggregation-number of micelles} & Solub. /\% & 
Elution /\%   \\
	DM &	482.6 & 	0.08 & 70 &	 4 & 	0.5\\



On Mittwoch, Juli 3, 2002, at 04:47  Uhr, Sam Broderick wrote:

> In my PdD thesis I need to put a \footnote in a table. Even in a plain 
> jane
> report the footnote number comes out correctly, but no note at the 
> bottom of
> the page or anywhere else. \protect doesn't help. Does one have to use
> \footnotemark and \footnotetext?

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