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Matthias Damm osxtex at macpla.net
Mon Jul 22 20:22:27 CEST 2002

At 14:13 Uhr -0400 22.07.2002, William Adams wrote:

> That's not entirely fair---Excalibur implements the Classic derived
> ``Word service'' function for spell-checking, and will work within
> Classic and Carbon apps which make use of that classic Mac OS API.

O.k., I stand correct.
However WordServices were never used by a large number of applications, iirc.

Under OS X almost all applications which deal with text use the new
spelling option (except Eudora, which has its own spellchecker, and, well,

> Blame Apple for not making that coeval / interchangeable with the
> NeXTstep-derived Cocoa implementation.

Well, they obviously made it interchangeable with Aspell, which probably is
a much wiser choice...

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