[OS X TeX] Ghostscript 7.05

Bruno Voisin Bruno.Voisin at hmg.inpg.fr
Tue Jul 2 11:50:30 CEST 2002

Le mardi 2 juillet 2002, à 11:29 , Ross Moore a écrit :

> Here's a different kind of Ghostscript problem.
> GraphicConverter V4.0 (Carbon v4.1) claims to be able to
> handle .eps graphics. However, to do this it needs to be told
> where to find `Ghostscript'.
> (drag a .eps file to GraphicConverter in the dock,
>  or go to the Preferences for EPSF)
> Unfortunately, specifying a  gs  executable does not work.
> So presumably it needs an Application bundle, or whatever.
> So where does one find such a bundle form of Ghostscript?
> Or, how do you make one from a Unix executable, if that's
> a sensible question?
> Now the real reason for wanting this is to add preview resources
> to .eps files, for use with Classic applications.
> Previously we used to do this using ResEdit or Resourcerer,
> and set the resource ID appropriately.
> Surely with the new tools there is a better way; but what is it ?

An OS-X solution: I think MacGhostViewX does this 

An OS-9 solution: I used to use PS2EPS+ 
<http://www.lerup.com/ps2eps.shtml>. It did a wonderful job but is based 
on GhostScript 2.3 and cannot handle some recent EPS files.

With GraphicConverter: I think I specified MacGSView 
<http://www.ghostscript.com/macos/index.htm>. It's a Classic 
application, but GraphicConverter doesn't seem to notice and does its 
magic very efficiently.

Bruno Voisin

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