[OS X TeX] Using C-c C-c in mac-emacs

Jonathan Rodgers jejr100 at mac.com
Fri Jul 5 13:21:18 CEST 2002

Dear All

I'm unable to get Enrico Franconi's mac-emacs to run commands using C-c C-c.

Although I've looked right through the list archives I haven't found 
a solution which works on my system, so apologise if this seems to be 
going over old ground.

I'm using mac-emacs v1.4 and Gerben Wierda's installation of teTeX. 
LaTeX works fine either from the command line or from within TeXshop, 
but in mac-emacs I get the following error message:

Running `LaTeX' on `clarity_01' with ``latex 
latex: Command not found.

LaTeX exited abnormally with code 1 at Fri Jul  5 12:13:16

I have the .mac-emacs file installed, and a  .emacs file that 
contains the following lines:

(setq load-path (cons "~/elisp" load-path))
(require 'tex-site)

I've also edited tex-site.el to the right path for texmf, i.e.,


Still, no joy. I'd be grateful for any advice on how to get it working.

Thanks in advance


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