[OS X TeX] [ANN] Alphatk on Aqua

Vince Darley vince.darley at eurobios.com
Mon Jul 22 12:14:15 CEST 2002

The Alphatk editor is now available, in beta form, on MacOS X running 
reasonably well as a native application.

Please see http://www.purl.org/net/alphatk for further information, or to 
download directly: ftp://ftp.ucsd.edu/pub/alpha/tcl/alphatk/Alphatk.dmg

There are some known issues, but for LaTeX purposes you can run tex, latex, 
pdftex etc from inside Alphatk capturing all output in an Alphatk 
window.  (see below for one subtlety).

Discussion specific to Alphatk is most likely to receive knowledgeable 
feedback on the alphatcl-users or developers mailing lists, or through the 



and particularly:  http://alphatcl.sourceforge.net/wikit/81.html (which you 
can edit directly to record your experiences).

Feedback, particularly over the next few weeks, will be much appreciated, 
and help to make Alphatk better for all of us.  Note that Alphatk runs on 
top of Tcl/Tk (which is included in the distribution).  Tcl/Tk 
(www.tcl.tk)is entirely open source, so programmers are very much 
encouraged to fix problems and submit patches themselves.



Note: the subtlety:  Since your 'path' environment variable is different 
for command-line and gui applications under MacOS X, Alphatk may not be 
able to directly find your tex applications.  To workaround this, you need 
to set the 'exec search path' preference under 'helper applications'.  In 
the file dialog, however, you will not be able to directly navigate to 
/usr/bin..., so you have to type that path into the dialog itself and hit 'go'.

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