[OS X TeX] "installing fonts" again - programmers listening? :)

mahakk mahakk at das-dock.de
Wed Jul 3 13:55:59 CEST 2002

hi there,

i understand that font-installation is a tex-specific task, so apologies if
anybody feels that this should not be covered on this list.

but then again, we're on a mac here, which to me means that this
"tex-specific task" should be made more mac-like.
and i know there are others feeling the same, according to private mails
>from people on his list, who told me that font-installation is what troubles
them the most, too.

so, is there any application out here which assist me in installing fonts
for tex? like

- drag'n'drop a folder containing all parts of a font onto the app
- have the app ask me for the names
- generate all the files
- convert what was generated
- place all this stuff in the correct directories
- make tex aware of the new fonts

my head hurts from reading through all those pages of howtos and faqs on
font-installation (anybody read richard's description of "how to use
lucida"? this is crazy, while it's fairly easy compared to installing
frutiger...), and i'm getting shivers thinking about going through the whole
process *by hand*, without even knowing if i understood it in the first
place (do i need to install the fonts in the system also? not? huh? can i
use the font-files on ctan if i own the fonts? or do i need to create my

if there's no such app available: why not *sort-of* incorporate it in
texshop or itexmac? the way i understand, oztex has an option to call

    pltotf and

and fontinst is in fact a tex-file.
so, it must be possible somehow to write a tex-template of some sorts. or an
applescript. whatever...

i'm new to tex, i admid. but i already love it. i love it for the concept
and - of course - for the output it produces. so i can cope with all the
hassles of coding (html is close, so what gives) and installing new
packages. but this whole font-thingy is making me scream.

may be i'm too stupid. may be i spent too much time on a mac and
wysiwyg-editors - but heck, there's gotta be another way for this.

if there are developers listening - please contact me pm, point me to a
developer's list or let's even discuss this on-list, if others don't mind.


and thanx to gerben, richard and jerome for bringing tex to mac os x in such
a way that dtp/quark-folks like me even *start* playing with it...


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