[OS X TeX] Path Configurations from OS X

Maarten Sneep sneep at nat.vu.nl
Thu Jul 25 11:06:14 CEST 2002

Hi all,

I hope I get this right, if not please correct me. I'm assuming the Gerben
Wierda's teTeX is used.

On 24-Jul-02 David Oliver wrote:
> But at the present moment, under
> other demands, I would greatly appreciate it if someone could offer a simple
> prescription by which I can tell teTeX where these component files are
> stored (perhaps even without the use of terminal) so that I might proceed
> past the all too-familiar error message "I cant find..."
> Thank you,
> David Oliver

In the Finder, open the Library folder in your home.

In this folder create a new folder: texmf

In the folder texmf, create the folders bibtex and tex (you might need more,
but that is another story. See the note near the bottom)

in the bibtex folder create the folders bst and bib

in the tex folder create the folders generic and latex

In unix notation you should now have:


All style and class files, specific to latex go into the latex folder
All bibtex style files go into the bst folder
All bibtex bibliography databases go into the bib folder
All generic tex stuff can go into generic.

For all folders: you can create folders here too, they will be searched as
well. This is nice to separate related files.

Kind regards,

Maarten Sneep

Take a look at the teTeX folder (alias) in the main Library folder (your
harddrive:Library:teTeX). In there you'll see the full texmf folders. Do NOT
copy those, but browsing them (column view recommended) should give you a good
idea of what goes where. Your private texmf tree should have the same

Murphy's Law, supplemental:
Celibacy is not hereditory.

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