[OS X TeX] Lucida problems with the latest teTeX/TeXLive release

Bruno Voisin Bruno.Voisin at hmg.inpg.fr
Fri Jul 5 18:10:59 CEST 2002

Le vendredi 5 juillet 2002, à 05:33 , Gary L. Gray a écrit :

> Greetings,
> We have a problem with the latest release of either the "TeX Programs" 
> or
> the "TeX Foundation" (we think). Documents that used to typeset 
> perfectly
> using my Lucida fonts with the lucidabr package, now do not typeset. The
> following missfont.log is generated:
> mktexpk --mfmode / --bdpi 600 --mag 0+466/600 --dpi 466 hlhr8r
> mktexpk --mfmode / --bdpi 600 --mag 0+466/600 --dpi 466 hlcry
> mktexpk --mfmode / --bdpi 600 --mag 1+70/600 --dpi 670 hlcry
> mktexpk --mfmode / --bdpi 600 --mag 1+70/600 --dpi 670 hlcrima
> mktexpk --mfmode / --bdpi 600 --mag 1+70/600 --dpi 670 hlhr8r
> mktexpk --mfmode / --bdpi 600 --mag 1+70/600 --dpi 670 hlcrie8r
> mktexpk --mfmode / --bdpi 600 --mag 1+195/600 --dpi 795 hlhb8r
> mktexpk --mfmode / --bdpi 600 --mag 1+70/600 --dpi 670 hlhb8r
> Do anyone know what is going on here? We ran texhash to no avail. I also
> sent this to Gerben, but I thought we might be able to get help from a
> knowledgeable source here. :-)

I had problems too when installing the latest TeX Foundation, which were 
finally cured with some help from Gerben. I wasn't using Lucida fonts at 
that time. It's working now.

- Did you run the dedicated i-Installer several times, quitting and 
opening it again? I noticed after installing the latest (18 June) TeX 
Foundation, and re-opening i-Installer afterwards, that it complained 
the version was not current and I had to run it twice. Don't know why.

- Did you do:

sudo texhash

(may be several times) and then:


- My PFB Lucida font files are in:


I moved all font-related files from ~/Library/texmf/ to 
/usr/local/teTeX/share/texmf.local/ after Gerben released the 
i-Installer for CM-Super.

Bruno Voisin

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