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jerome LAURENS jerome.laurens at u-bourgogne.fr
Thu Jul 11 12:04:39 CEST 2002

Le jeudi 11 juillet 2002, à 10:31 AM, mahakk a écrit :

> "Ahmed Hussein" meinte doch tatsächlich:
>> I would like to use the wrapfig package. I got the wrapfig.sty file 
>> and I
>> put it in ~/library/texmf/tex/latex/misc/.
>> It does not work, and I got "Environment wrapfigure undefined" error. 
>> Can
>> someone please advise me on how to include packages. I am using the 
>> latest
>> version of teTex and iTexMac. Thanks.
> in order to make tex aware of new packages, you'd normally have to type
>     texhash
> in the terminal and hit return everytime you add new packages.
> as far as i can tell, texshop doesn't require this step, so texshop may
> perform this action on-the-fly, but i don't know for sure.
> itexmac *may* require texhash, so you may try this and report. :)

this has nothing to do with TeXShop nor iTeXMac, this has to do with 
teTeX only.

here is an extract from G. Wierda's README.howtexfindsfiles:

"The files in my user directory are
searched without an "ls-R" hash file (unless such a file is available, 
but in
that case: remove it immediately, it generally only makes life worse for 

So with a ls-R free personnal texmf tree, you don't need to texhash.
You need to run texhash if you are an administrator modifying one of the 
global texmf trees.

to see if tex will find the style you just installed, just run in the 

kpsewhich -format=latex yourNewPackage.sty

as iTeXMac has a poor man built in terminal, you don't need to launch 
terminal.app, in iTeXMac, just enter ctrl+cmd+P (menu TeX:Terminal:Show) 
and ctrl+cmd+R (menu TeX:Terminal:Restart) then enter the above command.

If there is no answer, it means that tex won't find your file: you did 
not install it the right way

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