[Mac OS X TeX] Emacs (no X11) with LaTeX installer (experimental)

Enrico Franconi franconi at cs.man.ac.uk
Sun Feb 24 01:26:43 CET 2002

Download at: http://www.cs.man.ac.uk/~franconi/mac-emacs/

This is a wrapper around the emacs-21.1 for MacOSX available at
providing a complete fully customisable LaTeX editing environment.
This is intended only to play with LaTeX on the MacOSX port of
emacs-21. Do not take it seriously, since the port is still alpha
software. It is nice, since it does not require X11. However, if you
want a really robust environment, you should use it with emacs-20.7 on
X11 (from fink); I use it every day since months. If somebody is
interested, I can post the installer for emacs-20.7 on X11 as well.

To install type from a terminal:
sudo ./mac-emacs-install machine-name
where machine-name is the name of your computer; 
type your password when requested.

The installer will:
- install the mac-emacs program on the Desktop
- install "OSX PowerAddOns Lite.osax" in /System/Library/ScriptingAdditions
- install the mac-emacs library in ~/Library/mac-emacs
  (it overwrites a previous installation)
- create the symbolic link /machine-name --> /

- you can drag-and-drop files on the mac-emacs icon.
- mac-emacs requires to have the Emacs program installed in /Applications.
- mac-emacs requires a working installation of teTeX and ghostview (no X11).
- mac-emacs can be copied anywhere.
- mac-emacs loads automatically the file ~/.mac-emacs if it exists.
  You can study the file ~/Library/mac-emacs/site-lisp/loadup.el
- To edit the LaTeX Command menu, look at 
- You can customise also the dvipdf converter in
- To have full spelling checking capabilities, install "ispell" from
  fink. The latest precompiled binary is usually available with dselect.
- If you have emacs for X11 installed, you can use it as follows:
  emacs -q -l ~/Library/mac-emacs/site-lisp/loadup.el

Documented limitations of http://www.porkrind.org/emacs/ :
- This port of Emacs does not support 3 buttons mice.
- Serious bug: if you start a subordinate process (for example a LaTeX
  compilation), the window for the output of that process is not
  always updated to the end. This means that the auctex interface does
  not always correctly capture the end of the process, even if it is

To play with it, open a .tex file; from the command menu (or with C-c
C-c) select "latex" and, if the compilation is successful, then "view".


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