[Mac OS X TeX] Congratulations! TeXShop mentioned in Mac OS X News e-mail

William Adams wadams at atlis.com
Wed Feb 13 21:24:34 CET 2002

for today, February 13, 2002. It focuses on scientific tools (Igor Pro
and pro Fit 5.6) and says:

>  ...and Richard Koch and
>  his colleagues released TeXShop 1.15, a TeX
>  previewer which is written in Cocoa and takes
>  advantage of PDF being a native file format on Mac
>  OS X. (TeX, which produces publication-quality
>  documents containing text and mathematics, has an
>  illustrious history and a passionate following, a hint
>  of each of which is nicely captured in the “What is
>  TeX? What is Metafont? A bit of history” page linked
>  to from the TeX Users Group Home Page.)

(with that last being a link to www.tug.org)


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