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Serge Cohen cohen at embl-grenoble.fr
Thu Feb 7 14:08:56 CET 2002

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I'm working on a Bib database using MySQL as back end, and being able to 
import data directly from XML files from pubmeb (Biology database, 
include most of the biology related articles), the aim is to keep as 
much info as possible, and eventually being able to attach electronic 
reprints to each record.

So far, I'm far from a release, but if any body is interested in alpha 
testing, send me a mail.


PS: to Michael, so far I've not included any code for the interface with 
TexShop... I'd be interested in the source of your program to see how 
you do it, and if you agree to reuse your code.


Le jeudi 7 février 2002, à 03:28 , Michael McCracken a écrit :

> On Monday, February 4, 2002, at 05:00  PM, Jan Erik Moström wrote:
>> I'm just in the process of moving to an OS machine and I would like to 
>> ask
>> what native bib managers that are available? (I would prefer one with 
>> a GUI)
>>                     jem
> I had this same question a while back, and found nothing working in OS 
> X (only classic), so...
> I've been working on a Cocoa bibliography manager for my own use.
> I could release it, if it looked like a lot of people would like it.
> A short description:
> It reads & writes (most) BibTeX .bib files and plays within the format
> Allows easy browsing of annotations (and nifty typeset preview)
> Searches for text in any entry
> Quick search helps find the right document in long databases
> Drag n' Drop (and Copy/Paste) citations into TeX documents
> Many more features are planned, such as printing with annotations, etc.
> The sequence that I had in mind (and works *now*) is:
> 1 - find a paper on citeseer or researcher's web page
> 2 - drag bibtex entry into my application
> 3 - add a note
> 4 - drag citation into tex paper.
> Let me know if this is what you had in mind.
> -Mike
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