[Mac OS X TeX] Trying to get something Alpha-ish in Mac OS X

Martin Costabel costabel at wanadoo.fr
Tue Feb 19 16:10:20 CET 2002

Mark Guzdial wrote:

> - My UNIX-using friends say that XEmacs (I've been playing with
> carbonized Emacs 21) has that kind of support.  I decide to try fink
> to get XEmacs.  "fink install xemacs" I say.  After several prompts
> to make dependency choices that I don't completely grok, I go through
> a long list of never being able to download
> xemacs-base-1.56-pkg.tar.gz from a bunch of different mirrors.


you are hitting a problem that is unavoidable with systems like Fink
that try to stay lean and fast by downloading the sources directly from
the original site:

Both the Fink developers and the users have to update their package
descriptions very frequently, because the source repositories are
changing all the time.

What you should do in your case is to update your package descriptions
for the xemacs related packages (either by using "fink selfupdate-cvs"
or from the Fink cvsweb site). The xemacs-base-pkg package is at version
1.58-1 right now.

Another possibility is to download the missing 1.56 tarball manually
>from wherever you find it and put it into /sw/src. Fink will find it there.

And if you really think you found a problem with Fink itself, then
please write to one of the fink mailing lists and/or the package
maintainer ("fink info xemacs").

XEmacs as installed by Fink works great. I use it all the time to write LaTeX.


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