[Mac OS X TeX] [ANN] iTeXMac 1.0.19

Oliver Hardt hardt at u.arizona.edu
Thu Feb 28 15:47:14 CET 2002

Jerome:  are you planning on introducing an automated indent 
function, so that, for example, after \begin{some environment} every 
line is indented?  this is a function from alpha which i really miss. 
thanks.  olli.

2/28/02, jerome LAURENS wrote:

>Not a major release, but interesting stuff however at
>  >From the README file:
>What's new since the last public version:
>-1.0.16 Private: Bug fixed about PDF window refresh.
>-1.0.17 Private: Available options for New PDF page display: top 
>left, top, center, unchanged. See the View Options submenu.
>-1.0.18 Private: Better file encoding support: through an 
>Encodings.plist file, you can customize the encoding related menus 
>of iTeXMac. See the help for details. The central european encodings 
>are available by default. The keywords used to specify the encoding 
>inside the source file have changed, for example "Mac OS Roman" has 
>changed to "Mac Roman" to remain consistent with naming conventions 
>in Apple®'s application kit.
>-1.0.19 Public: A greek letter menu has been added in the text 
>editor window. The corresponding panel of the LaTeX Tools Panel has 
>been removed.

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