[Mac OS X TeX] The new TeX package

Bruno Voisin Bruno.Voisin at hmg.inpg.fr
Tue Feb 12 10:29:42 CET 2002

Piet van Oostrum wrote:
> I would also like to make a plea for the inclusion of the CM-Super font
> set. It contains (amongst others) Type 1 fonts for the EC and TC fonts,
> which are highle needed in MacOSX where PDF is the preferred output format. 
> At least in most european languages. It also contains Type 1 fonts for
> Cyrillic. 
> If it is not decided to put this in the main TeXlive distribution it could
> go in the macosx tree.
> I am prepared to try this out first on my own computer.

I have installed them (with TeXShop/teTeX) and used them for some months 
now, they look fine. I am using them everytime I need French hyphenation 
and thus require T1 encoding.

On the other hand I did not manage to access the Cyrillic part of the 
fonts. The Cyrillic scripts are supposed to be there somewhere in 
cm-super fonts, and there are map files telling pdfTeX or dvips to 
replace LaTeX's default Cyrillic fonts by cm-super fonts. However it 
just didn't work for me, I wanted to include Cyrillic words (paper title 
and author name) in a straightforward French letter and couldn't.

Bruno Voisin

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