[Mac OS X TeX] Fink, system-tetex, and latex2html

Michael Murray mmurray at maths.adelaide.edu.au
Mon Feb 18 10:56:38 CET 2002

>I think I found it:
>The fink latex2html package has not yet (or rather, incompletely) been
>updated to the new policy of splitting packages into several parts. It
>should have a dependency on netpbm-bin. Until this is done (I am CC'ing
>the package maintainer), you need to do  "fink install netpbm-bin"
>first, and then "fink rebuild latex2html".

Hi Martin

I get

mac[user]% sudo fink install netpbm-bin
Reading package info...
Information about 723 packages read in 36 seconds.
pkg netpbm  version bin
Failed: no matching version found for netpbm


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