[Mac OS X TeX] modifying the LaTeX panel

Benji Fisher benji at e-math.AMS.org
Sun Feb 3 04:07:09 CET 2002

     I am working on a W95 machine right now, so I may not have the details
quite right, but here goes.

Method 1:  In the Finder, hold down the Ctrl key and click on TeXShop to bring
up the context menu.  Choose "Show bundle contents" or "open package" or
something like that.  This will display TeXShop as a directory.  (Every
package is a bundle, and every bundle is a directory.)  Inside TeXShop there
will be a Contents subdirectory, inside that a Resources directory, and inside
that (if I read the original message correctly) you will find
completion.plist.  Double-click on that, and you will open it in the Property
List Editor application.

Method 2:  Open a Terminal window and, assuming that you have TeXShop in your
Applications folder,

% cd /Applications/TeXShop.app
% cd Contents/Resources
% open completion.plist

If I have the directory names wrong, use "ls" or type Tab to complete
directory names.  You can also use your favorite text editor instead of the
Property List Editor:

% vi completion.plist

					--Benji Fisher

John Vokey wrote:
> I'm afraid this suggestion is just a bit too abbreviated to be
> of any use to me.  Could it be elaborated for those unfamiliar
> with the arcane of Apple's new "bundles"?
> On Friday, February 1, 2002, at 06:00  PM, TeX on Mac OS X
> Mailing List wrote:
> > however, you can customize the completion.plist file in texshop.app
> > resources
> > (show bundle content, content, resources,...)

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