[Mac OS X TeX] Fink, system-tetex, and latex2html

david craig dac at panix.com
Sun Feb 17 08:12:38 CET 2002

> Have you tried removing latex2html and putting them back on
> in the reverse order.  Maybe fink installs don't commute !

No, I hadn't, yes, I should have, and no, they don't.  That worked.

Thanks for a good whacking with a nice wet "you fool" noodle!  Just what
I needed.

I installed them originally in the right order, I thought, though come
to think of it I think really I may have simply selected them both in
the same run of dselect.  I'll be more wary of that in the future.

At any rate, since both were already in place, I'd have hoped fink's
self-update would have been a little smarter about the whole thing,
though I'm aware that's not always going to be a trivial task.


David Craig


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