[Mac OS X TeX] Hide/Show in PDF file

Hemant K. Bhargava hkb at mac.com
Sun Feb 24 00:06:43 CET 2002

Ross and Martin -

Thanks for your advice. For the moment I have been able to work with 
TexPower, as recommended by Martin ... it's easy, but does have the effect 
of multiple pages. Acrotex and embedded Javascript surely lie in my future 

- Hemant

--On Sunday, February 24, 2002 9:35 AM +1100 Ross Moore 
<ross at ics.mq.edu.au> wrote:

>> Hermant
>> what you seem to need are Comments---what were called Annotations in pdf
>> 1.3. They would appear in the way you want. Maybe someone knows how to
>> produce them in pdftex.
> Yes; there are some of us who know how to do this.
> However it's not so straightforward, and probably doesn't
> achieve what you really want to see.
> Better is to use a presentation package like TeXPower
> (as suggested already).
> This does not Show/Hide fields directly.
> Instead it allows you to use the same material easily
> on multiple pages.
> For example, one page has some material typeset nicely,
> with a blank region.
> The next page has indentical material to the first page,
> but with the blank region now occupied.
> A third page may have that extra region blank again,
> or occupied by something else, or with some of the words
> highlighted, or in a different colour.
> With smooth, or perhaps fancy, transitions between the pages
> you get the effect of the extra material appearing magically
> in place. (You need to view the document in Full-Screen mode
> for this effect, otherwise there is an extra refresh that
> destroys the smoothness.)
> If you really want to show/hide text fields, then you need to
> work with embedded JavaScript. The problem with this is that
> are restricted to simple fixed-font text strings within the fields.
> You cannot have properly typeset information, such as mathematics.
> To explore this route, do a websearch for "AcroTeX" by Donald P. Story.
> He recently released a LaTeX package to help do this kind of thing.
> Hope this helps,
> 	Ross Moore
>> On Sunday, February 24, 2002, at 01:03 AM, Hemant K. Bhargava wrote:
>> > Hi -
>> >
>> > I apologize if this is a bit off-topic but I think there might be
>> > someone here who can help.
>> >
>> > I'm compiling my latex files with tetex (under osx), and want to
>> > produce a PDF file (slides) in which I want the following effect:
>> >
>> > I want certain text to stay hidden until I do something (eg mouseover,
>> > click, or whatever). How is this done? I believe hyperref might have
>> > something in this regard, and I've tried hyperref Forms but couldn't
>> > get it to work. If somebody has a sample file, or code, etc. that
>> > would  really help.
>> >
>> > Thanks
>> >
>> > - Hemant
>> >

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