[Mac OS X TeX] Re: Editors - some questions

Jan Erik Moström lists at mostrom.pp.se
Fri Feb 22 10:50:20 CET 2002

At 2002-02-22 10:10, Joachim Kock <kock at math.unice.fr> wrote:

>The question of editors seems to be mostly a question of religion or mother
>tongue --- it's hard to change! 

I sure agree to that

>erything can be offered out of the box, so the important thing is
>that the editor be configurable. 

Agree here also

>Alpha has certainly learned a lot from emacs over the years, and hopefully
>this will continue.  It would be very helpful (for the alpha community,
>anyway) to hear exactly which features emacs/auctex has that alpha doesn't.
>If those features are cool, there is a fair chance that somebody on the
>alphatcl mailing list will implement them!  (I will do so myself if it is
>within my limited tcl capacities...)

Yes this is what I'm interested in, what am I as BBEdit user missing because
so far I think I can implement most of it using BBEdit and
AppleScript/Perl/shell programming (which is how you customize BBEdit).

But I get the feeling I'm missing some really cool features that other
editors have ... 

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