[Mac OS X TeX] Trying to get something Alpha-ish in Mac OS X

Mark Guzdial guzdial at cc.gatech.edu
Thu Feb 21 20:48:10 CET 2002

Thanks to all who gave me excellent advice on getting an editor more 
LaTeX-friendly installed!  I didn't know anything about updating fink 
previously, so that helped alot!  Then a friend showed me apt-cache 
search and apt-get which allowed me to get quickly some of the larger 
fink packages.

As it stands right now, I have XFree86, Oroborus, and XEmacs running 
on my machine.  It took a bit of hunting to figure out how to install 
AucTeX.  It installed fine from the xemacs "sumo" package, but I 
didn't realize that you have to do a bit more to turn it on.  Right 
now, I'm STUNNED with how much XEmacs does for you with AucTeX and 
RefTex!  It's lots of fun to play with.

Thanks everyone!

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