[Mac OS X TeX] pdf presentations

Mark Moll mmoll at cs.cmu.edu
Tue Feb 5 18:04:41 CET 2002

>>> On Tue, 5 Feb 2002 17:42:11 +0100, Guido Mocken (GM) wrote:
GM> Speaking of presentations: I'm still looking for a way to ...
GM> - include quicktime movies in presentations created by LaTeX/prosper (not
GM> pdfTeX)

Put these two movie macros in the preamble of your document:

\define at key{PDF}{Movie}{\pdf at addtoks{#1}{Movie}}
\define at key{PDF}{Activation}{\pdf at addtoks{#1}{Activation}}
\newcommand{\moviewithpreview}[3]{% args: width, preview, movie
   pdfmark=/ANN,Subtype=/Movie,Movie=<< /F (#3) >>,%
   Activation=<< /ShowControls true /Mode /Repeat >>}}
\newcommand{\movie}[3]{% args: width, height, movie
   \pdfmark[{\hbox to #1 {\vbox to #2 { }}}]{%
   pdfmark=/ANN,Subtype=/Movie,Movie=<< /F (#3) /Poster true >>,%
   Activation=<< /ShowControls true /Mode /Repeat >>}}

The Activation part seems to be ignored by Acrobat 5, but hopefully that'll
be fixed in a future version.

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