[Mac OS X TeX] pdf presentations

Guido Mocken mocken at uni-freiburg.de
Tue Feb 5 17:42:11 CET 2002

Am Dienstag den, 5. Februar 2002, um 17:24, schrieb Michel Durinx:

> so when you have made a pdf presentation with seminar and/or prosper,
> and how do you then present the pages?
> 1a. in Acrobat (5, under OS X)?
>  ------- the Prosper page transitions do not work, they're all the same
>  ------- the text and certainly the maths look really bad
> 1b. in Acrobat (4, under OS 9)?
>  ------- the text and certainly the maths look really bad
> 1c. in Preview?
>  ------- links cannot be clicked
>  ------- not fullpage, so on top it says PREVIEW file edit display 
> window help
> 	  and other distracting things

In a presentation that I did myself just recently, I used Acrobat Reader 
5 in Classic (the OS X version with a checkmark for "open in classic"). 
It contains a lot of maths and tables, but it all looks very well. 
Acrabat Reader 5 has a couple of "smoothing" options and "CoolType" as 
well, maybe you forgot to turn them on. It really makes a difference.

Speaking of presentations: I'm still looking for a way to ...

- use prosper with pdftex (because it's easy to include movies in 
pdftex), i.e. pstricks with pdftex


- include quicktime movies in presentations created by LaTeX/prosper 
(not pdfTeX)

Any idea?


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