[Mac OS X TeX] Bugs/Setup problems in iMacTeX

Holger Frauenrath mail at frauenrath.com
Sun Feb 10 01:19:15 CET 2002


after I have used iMacTeX, I have found the following (minor) issues, 
which are either bugs or problems with my setup (in which case I would 
appreciate someone's helpful advice with it) or are simply feature 

- The decrompessed download file is called "iMacTeX Folder". However, it 
is not a folder but a volume. It is just irritating when you do not seem 
to be able to move the "folder" to the applications folder, but create an 
alias instead. :-)

- The "syntax colouring", "change font", "change colour" menu items would 
be better located in the (so far non-existent?) preferences

- It would be nice to have them applied to an already open document

- The "change font" menu item only seems to work once: if you open it the 
first time, a tab with the different text types (commands, comments ...) 
shows up, so you can select and change them. Now, when you close the font 
selection palette and click on "Change font" again, this tab does not show 
up anymore, so you actually cannot make any changes anymore. Quitting and 
reopening the app will make the tab appear again (for one time)

- The "change colour" menu item seems to have similar problems. First of 
all, a tab similar to the one in the "change font" palette would be useful 
(or should it display one?). The first time you open this palette, you can 
select text, and change its colour. The second time you open this palette,
  the palette is screwed up (i.e. the colour selctor circle being pushed to 
the top etc.), and it does not work properly anymore. Again, quitting the 
app, and reopening it will fix the palette

Having said this, I can also say that TeXing some of my documents has not 
resulted in any bigger problems than the ones reported.


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