[Mac OS X TeX] How many TeX's for OSX are there now ?

Michael Murray mmurray at maths.adelaide.edu.au
Mon Feb 11 12:25:52 CET 2002

>Thanks, this is very useful!
>Just one small remark that may help to get an even more complete picture.
>Michael Murray wrote:
>>  (b) teTeX from Fink.  Not sure why you would do this instead of
>>  Gerben's teTeX. Particularly
>>  as most (all ?) of the applications below which rely on you having a
>>  teTeX are assuming it is
>>  Gerben's.   But its there.  
>There are a couple of good reasons to do this:
>- Ease of installation: If you have Fink installed, you just say
>   "fink install tetex-macosx" or "fink install bundle-tetex",
>   and it takes care of all the rest.
>   No need to know the latest URL of Gerben's packages.
>   And you can watch what it is doing while it compiles the binaries.
>- Stability: If there are any conflicts with the rest of the Fink
>   you can be pretty sure the maintainer of the Fink tetex packages will
>   resolve them quickly.
>BTW, you don't install Fink's tetex instead of Gerben's. Fink tetex *is*
>Gerben's teTeX, just not the very latest version. It gets its sources
>from the CTAN tetex directory and applies Gerben's patches. And it has a
>standard texmf tree layout, just not rooted at /usr/local, but at /sw.
>This shouldn't be a problem for the GUI applications. It isn't for
>iTeXMac, in any case, which works quite well here with Fink tetex.

Hi Martin

Thanks for that. I was thinking of the package called tetex-base which
I thought that was a more standard tetex install and not Gerben's
tetex unless you installed tetex-macosx over the top or something?

To be honest I am not sure of the various choices here so I would
be greatful if anyone could clarify them.

I guess I should just email Dave Morrison !

Thanks - Michael
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