[Mac OS X TeX] How to get teTeX pdf mathematics read by Illustrator X

Wendy McKay wgm at cds.caltech.edu
Tue Feb 19 17:38:45 CET 2002

Anyone wishing to report bugs in Illustrator and Acrobat related to TeX 
Fonts can submit a report at

to the TUG Technical Working Group for TexFonts-AdobeApps (TFAA)


On Fri, 15 Feb 2002, William Adams wrote:

> Ross Moore said:
> >Illustrator 10 does not yet have that fix; so far as I'm aware.
> >Doubtless there are other differences too.
> regarding Dr. Paul Fons having asked:
> >...why does Acrobat display the
> > equations correctly regardless of which typesetting variation I use?
> Because Acrobat is a more contained / controlled environment, along the
> order of a PostScript interpreter / environment.
> By contrast, Illustrator is a more interactive / application and hence
> more open / egalitarian and making more use of local resources (hence
> fonts), and so is less able to do / handle things like re-encode a
> typeface on the fly.
> There's a movement on to work with Adobe to resolve this sort of
> incompatibility (which Ross is involved in)---I believe there'll be an
> announcement presently for a bug-tracking site / app, so save that
> source code / problem description for that.
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