[Mac OS X TeX] Tex reference point in teTeX/TeXShop

Bruno Voisin Bruno.Voisin at hmg.inpg.fr
Thu Feb 7 14:28:01 CET 2002

I'm faced with a curious problem in TeXShop, but this may come from 
settings in teTeX as well.

I'm working on TeX (plain/LaTeX) versions of my lab's letterhead. This 
includes positioning images (logos) at precise positions on the page 
(like 5 mm from the paper border etc.). I've got versions which work 
well, and typeset satisfactorily, with OzTeX or Textures. However as 
soon as I typeset with TeXShop things are moved: a logo which was just 5 
mm from the upper page border is now moved upwards so that only one half 
is visible.

I first thought this was caused by pdfTeX's primitives \pdfhorigin and 
\pdfvorigin, but I've got the same problems in TeX + GhostScript mode. 
Thus I'm starting to think that in TeXShop/teTeX the TeX reference point 
is not positioned as indicated in the TeXbook, that's 1 inch from the 
upper and left borders of the paper.

This might also be connected with the Page Setup menu item in TeXShop, 
but in my TeXShop (French localization) this menu item is dimmed and I 
cannot use it.

Has anybody any idea?

Bruno Voisin

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