[Mac OS X TeX] How to get teTeX pdf mathematics read by Illustrator X

Dr. Paul Fons paul-fons at aist.go.jp
Thu Feb 14 05:31:20 CET 2002

  Thanks for the quick turnaround, but I have already done the 
Illustrator font installation (sorry for not mentioning it).  The 
problem is
that I cannot see some (but not all characters).  The fonts are 
installed as follows:

[etld1220:Application Support/Adobe/Fonts] paulfons% pwd
/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Fonts
[etld1220:Application Support/Adobe/Fonts] paulfons% ls -ltR |head
total 424
drwxrwxrwx  146 paulfons  admin    4920 Feb 14 13:10 TeX-Illustrator
-rw-r--r--    1 paulfons  admin  104240 Feb 14 13:07 AdobeFnt05.lst
-rwxrwxrwx    1 paulfons  admin  101192 Feb 14 09:29 AdobeFnt.lst
drwxrwxr-x    4 paulfons  admin      92 Jan 18 10:59 Reqrd

total 7888
-rwxr-xr-x  1 paulfons  admin  0 Dec  3 11:01 WNCY
-rwxr-xr-x  1 paulfons  admin  0 Dec  3 10:51 WNCYSS10

   (many more fonts)

Interestingly enough I find that if I use dvipdfm (from the teTeX 
installation), the file can be read without problem.  The TeX  input is:

f(x) = \int_{0}^{\infty}{\frac{\sin(\alpha x)^{3}}{(1-x)^{ 4 \beta}}}

The characters that don't show up are the minus in the denominator and 
the greek letters.  The fonts in question are CMMI10, CMMI8, and CMSY10. 
Note that except for the three characters mentioned above all characters 
show up (they are mosting in CMMI10).  Using pdftex directly or via 
ghostscript results in the same behavior.   Using dvipdfm on the 
intermediate dvi file, however, produces the desired results (e.g. the 
pdf file output of dvipdfm can be edited in Illustrator X and all 
characters show up). Acrobat shows every file correctly.  As I would 
like to  use pdftex directly, I would like to find out the reason for 
this problem and a countermeasure.  This is with the latest version of 

pdftex --version
pdfTeX (Web2C 7.3.7) 3.14159-1.00b-pretest-20020204
kpathsea version 3.3.7

As a final note, I have the blue sky fonts installed in the classic 
fonts folder for OzTeX (under OS9) - could this be causing a problem?

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