[Mac OS X TeX] Re: emacs 21.1

Joshua S. Hodas hodas at cs.hmc.edu
Sat Feb 23 03:28:30 CET 2002

>I have just finished a nice Applescript wrap around emacs 21 on Aqua
>which allows for drag-and-drop of files to open them, automatic
>loading of all the useful utilities for LaTeX and various stuff. I
>plan to have an installer with all the auctex/latex files and the
>wrapper file soon. I'm travelling this week so be patient.

Could you post the code of the core of this script (the part that 
handles the drag and drop) in the meantime? I'd just like to see how 
the unix/applescript integration is handled in a simple code example. 
That will be enough to get me started.



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